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News and ideas






After taking inspiration from a cafe in Totnes during a weekend away, we have decided to create a

knitting and crochet basket outside the shop.


If you’re enjoying a spot to eat or a coffee at The Grange Chocolate Cafe next door or killing time before a party pickup at Brickies, Pottery Pals or one of the other great party venues on site at Holme Grange Craft Village,

then please feel free to knit a few rows while you’re there.


There are several squares already started in the basket, just grab the needles and add a few more rows.

Each square needs to be 8", they can be in any pattern at all, we even have a couple of crochet hooks and

spare wool in the basket in case you'd rather crochet than knit.










We’ll be sending all our 8” squares off to South Africa to be sewn into blankets for orphans.

To find out more see our Charity page


Father's Day...

...will be with us before we know it - Sunday 17th June

We have a lovely selection of items suitable for the special Daddy in your life.

Clocks and Photo Frames made from Whisky barrels - Whisky taster trays made from Whisky barrels,

inset with Harris Tweed, they come with a singe glass, 2 glasses or a glass and a jug.

We also have wooden and pottery bowls and pots, ideal to by the door to put keys in or by the bed to put loose change and other bits and bobs in, or how about a tech cushion for him to rest his iphone or ipad on?









Gifts for all occasions...


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