We love to support charities...


At The Handmade Craft Company we love to support local charities, our main chosen charity is Chemogiftbags.

Chemogiftbags is for ladies and gents who have Breast Cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy in the Thames Valley area. Chemogiftbags offers a service of providing a Chemogiftbag that has items suitable for use before, during and after chemotherapy. All of the items are donated by members of the public or local businesses.

 We actively help to raise funds for Chemogiftbags and we are also a drop off point for any donations of items to go into the bags.   For more information of items they are in need of and how to nominate someone to receive a bag please click on the picture below to be taken to their website


After taking inspiration from a cafe in Totnes during a weekend away, we have decided to create a

knitting and crochet basket outside the shop. (During warmer weather)

If you’re enjoying a spot to eat or a coffee at The Grange Chocolate Cafe next door or killing time before a party pickup at Brickies, Pottery Pals or one of the other great party venues on site at Holme Grange Craft Village,

then please feel free to knit a few rows while you’re there.

There are several squares already started in the basket, just grab the needles and add a few more rows.

Each square needs to be 8", they can be in any pattern at all, we even have a couple of crochet hooks and

spare wool in the basket in case you'd rather crochet than knit.

We'd be grateful if you could leave the needles and wool in the basket ready for the next person

to pick up and join in.   

If you have needles and spare wool at home and would like to make up some 8" squares and bring them

in next time you are visiting we'd gladly receive them.

We’ll be sending all our 8” squares off to South Africa to be sewn into blankets for orphans.

To find out more click the picture below

Local groups and organisations

As you can probably imagine, we get inundated with requests from local groups, clubs and event organisers asking for donations to raffles, auctions etc.

Though we would love to help all of them this isn't possible.

If you are looking for donations for an event please send your request via the contact page on the website or by email.   Please ensure you give full details of who you are, your event details and date and which charity/cause you are raising money for.   

We will contact you if we are able to help in any way.

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